View from the Bridge

Thank you for a great first year!

StarBridge Advisors was launched in October of 2016. So, what does a small team of entrepreneurs do on their first anniversary? They take stock and plan for year two. We have a several ways to measure our success at this point:

• We have already assisted 12 healthcare provider organizations with some repeat engagements. They include academic medical centers, independent children’s hospitals, and community based regional health systems across the country. Thank you to all who have allowed us to serve!

• In addition to our three principals, we now have almost 20 advisors on our team available for interim management, leadership support and consulting. Their IT leadership experience includes serving as CIO, CTO, CISO, CMIO or CNIO in healthcare organizations. Thank you to all our very talented Advisors!

• We work closely with several larger consulting firms who offer services that we don’t. We partner with Healthcare IT Leaders, a leading staffing firm and Rudish Executive Search, which specializes in healthcare. And we are working with a few start-up technology vendors who are bringing to market new and novel solutions for healthcare providers. Thank you to all our partners!

• Our three principals combined have over 90 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Our relationships are a key component of growing a new business and getting known in the market. Thank you to all who have referred business to us this first year!

• A strong social media presence takes deliberate, intentional work as any start-up knows. Posting new and fresh content that your customers value takes time. We reached that important 1000 followers mark on our LinkedIn page a few months ago – that mark that says to others we’re for real and worth following. Thank you to all our followers!

Our vision remains the same as when we started this venture a year ago – to collaborate with leaders and innovators to help advance healthcare with technology enabled solutions. We want to be your trusted partner. Our team of experienced advisors is ready to serve you and your organization as we begin year two.

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