Erik Kubinski


Erik Kubinski is an Advisor at StarBridge Advisors, LLC. Erik is a seasoned healthcare executive who has been delivering advanced IT products and services around the world for more than 25 years including in America, Europe, and Asia.

Erik recently returned to the United States after serving more than five years as the CIO for international healthcare conglomerate Fresenius VAMED in the Middle East and North Africa. During Erik’s time at VAMED he also had overlapping responsibilities as the General Manager for the Qatar market managing the operations and business development in Hospital Management services and new project initiatives.

With these experiences, he brings a unique perspective with scale working in an environment where VAMED delivered healthcare in over 40 countries and a management span of control of more than 125,000 beds. His most recent responsibilities included delivering a portfolio of healthcare services and IT initiatives across regional teams where he developed and implemented the strategy, completed the procurement processes with a wide range of suppliers, implemented enterprise mega-suite systems, and managed ongoing business transformation across the hospitals at the operations level.

Erik has a blend of senior management, technical hands-on and consulting in healthcare and other industries. His recent leadership experiences have focused on delivering technologies and IT services through multiple projects concurrently with budgets between $10-20 million each and where his previous technology and managerial experiences on the software provider side were contributing factors for success in procurement negotiations and solution implementation. He specifically has unique and deep experiences which are highly transferable to evolving business model projects, merger and acquisition integration projects, and digital process re-engineering projects where hospitals are advancing the delivery of care with next generation technologies.

Erik’s credentials include an MBA from University of Liverpool, a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives, and specialist training in portfolio, program, and project management.