C-change : Developing Women Leaders

Other Services

In addition to online course offerings, C-change offers a variety of tailored services to leaders and organizations who want to take their leadership, teams, and culture to a different level.These other services include:

  • One-on-one Leadership Coaching – 3 or 6 months engagement in which we provide the learning space needed to achieve the individual leader’s goals for learning, ranging from leadership presence to expanding capacity, and more
  • Team Coaching – team-focused engagement with the goal of bringing awareness, a common development language, and ways of working together to a team environment
  • Leadership Trainings and Assessments, with topics such as:
    • Strengths – seeing them in each other
    • Dare to Lead– cultivating courageous leadership – offered in summary form or a deeper dive that leads to participant certification
    • The Nervous System and its Impact on Leadership
    • Leadership 360° and Culture Assessments using the Leadership Circle
    • Tailored Leadership Training – a programmatic approach to bringing people skills into the work place and applying them

If you are interested in exploring any of these services, please contact us to schedule an exploratory session of needs and goals as input into a tailored proposal.

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