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Harnessing Your Strengths

Have you ever wondered what your strengths really are, and how you can create the conditions that allow your strengths to shine? This course, led by Gale Thompson, an experienced leadership coach and global IT consulting veteran, is designed to answer these questions. Gale’s custom-tailored coaching will bring your Strengths alive by applying them to your leadership and life.

This interactive course enriches an intimate group (limited to 4 people), unfolding through 6 live, online sessions of 1 hour each augmented by two 30-minute individual sessions with Gale. After you provide your completed Gallup StrengthsFinder results before the course begins, we collaborate as a small group to create a customized program through shared goals and agreed upon guidelines. Gale will also provide you with a deeper dive report on your Top 10 Strengths that help make them actionable for you. Course content includes:

  • Modeling – a framework for working with Strengths in ourselves and others for optimal impact
  • Strengths – what they bring, what they need, and how to notice where your Strengths show up
  • Strengths’ Triggers – what aggravates your Strengths when needs aren’t met
  • Managing Triggers – what’s going on in your nervous system when your needs aren’t met and what you can do about it
  • Purpose – what is its role in managing Strengths in you and others
  • Your Power – it’s all about managing the conditions and using your Strengths skillfully

This course and the actions you take between sessions will enable you to view and work with your Strengths to generate different results both internally and externally. Each of us has a unique set of Strengths – as you learn to harness them in yourself, you are better equipped to see and develop them in the people around you. Find the schedule that works for you and register here.

If you are wondering whether this course is a fit for you or the scheduled dates don’t work, please contact us.

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