Client Stories

Expanding IT leader’s bandwidth

 The demand on many HIT leader’s “bandwidth” is outpacing supply. The widespread deployment of electronic health record systems and the supporting technology has dramatically increased the workload of professionals who work diligently to meet the Triple Aim goals.

StarBridge Advisors was founded by nationally-recognized HIT professionals to help organizations that need trusted talent to expand the capabilities of the IT leaders who don’t have the time or expertise needed to reach the organization’s objectives. StarBridge’s network of advisors is composed of nationally known, experienced CIOs, CMIOs, CNIOs, and CTOs who provide advisory services to providers, payers, professional member organizations, and vendors, both new and established.

 In the past year, StarBridge Advisors engaged in a range of advisory services.  Below are some examples of how our seasoned IT leaders served as trusted advisors.

At provider organizations:

When a health system scheduled an EHR acquisition that coincided with a major infrastructure upgrade, our Advisor supported the CIO by:

    • Suggesting phases and order of implementation for the EHR replacement project
    • Providing a governance framework to support the project and supporting activities
    • Reviewing preferred vendor contracts and assisting the CIO during contract negotiations
    • Aligning other consulting activities with client’s best interests in mind
    • Reviewing existing activities including:
      • RFP for implementation services
      • Analytics approach
      • Project Management Office to ensure that it can evolve to provide a foundation for an ongoing Portfolio Management Office function
    • Drafting a risk mitigation plan for EHR and associated projects with:
      • Risk scoring in several dimensions for each element of the plan
      • Special focus on protecting and improving revenue cycle management
      • Prudent measures associated with cyber security protections

Another Advisor worked through a SWOT-like analysis with two community health systems and developed comprehensive, detailed plans with alternatives to address observations which produced:

    • Environmental review
    • IT application and staffing recommendations
    • Balancing build versus buy approach to application development/acquisition for one of them
    • Governance
    • Analytics approach

When a hospital management services organization needed support as it expanded its M&A activities, our Advisors:

  • Assisted existing staff with a comprehensive assessment of acquired facilities
  • Provided a strategy for go-forward transactions

During a major facility project at a health system provider, our Advisor provoked thought about the 10-year future of HIT and its impact on operations in and out of the facility by:

  • Participating in 2 planning sessions, one with CEO and Executive team for the system, the other with the leadership teams from across the system
  • Reviewing and providing input and feedback on the long-term strategy

 At two academic medical centers that needed to realign their IT organization to more effectively support future business needs, our Advisors assisted the CIOs and their leadership teams in creating an optimal IT organization structure.

For membership organizations:

Our Advisor developed a comprehensive white-paper, project plans, presentations, and other supporting communications to assist an advisory council of CEOs and IT executives (mostly CIOs) addressing one of the most complex issues facing participants in the healthcare continuum in both the public and private sector.

 In addition, counsel and advice with alternatives was provided for two other member organizations who were participating in a potential collaboration to advance the goals approved by the primary mover.

 At vendor organizations:

Our Advisors bring their experience at provider organizations to guide technology and service vendors on products and approaches.

 For one technology vendor, our Advisor reviewed and produced marketing and sales material to help the client evolve into a major provider for the healthcare vertical.

At a large services vendor, two Advisors prepared a go-to market overview for the CEO and his direct reports to help them and their clients flourish in the rapidly developing market. And our Advisors has worked collaboratively with other consultants to fill talent gaps.

 Each organization and situation is unique so we personalize our work and adjust as the needs of the organization evolve.  StarBridge Advisors provides candid feedback in a direct, constructive manner.  Our goal is to meet the client’s needs, raise issues that need to be addressed, and present plans with alternatives to give our clients the best chance of success.

If your organization needs to expand the bandwidth of IT leadership, please contact us. Our Principals look forward to hearing more about your needs and pairing you with a qualified Advisor.